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My Girl’s Round Boobs Turned My World Upside Down

round boobsViva Las Vegas! This is totally my fave vacation spot because of all the boobs strip there. There are lots of girly bars you can choose from where they feature big bouncy boobs. You can see these hot chicks strip dance, pole dance and even give you one hot lap dance. It is like paradise for any horny man.

I was excited to go to my next trip to Vegas, but my girl insisted on coming along. I told her that this is my annual bonding with my male friends, but she threatened to leave me if I don’t let her come with me. Damn! Now I won’t be able to hook up with other chicks.

My guy friends were all snickering at me knowing I can’t flirt with other girls. They decided to go to boobs strip while I was stuck shopping with my girl. My girl noticed how sad I was and told me that were going to a new place. I was surprised she brought me to a strip club and told me she has a surprise for me. She round boobswas gone for a while, then I was shocked when I saw her on the stage with her round boobs exposed and just wearing a thong. Fuck! What the hell was she doing? She started to dance on the pole while other guys ogle at her round boobs. I was impressed by what she did, but was still speechless because I didn’t know she has that talent.

When the show was done, she walked up to me and gave me a lap dance. I was so happy seeing her big bouncy boobs right in front of my eyes and her pussy gliding on my hard cock. Oh fuck! My girl really knows how to turn me on and what’s cool about that is that I can fuck her all night long without paying her. My girl is better than any other Vegas girl.

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My Eyes Feast On Boobs Bouncing

boobs bouncingWhat would be the best eye candy for horny men? For me, the best eye candy would be seeing boobs bouncing and not just ordinary boobs, but really big and juicy. It makes me want to grab and suck boobs once I see them in action. The movement of those boobs bouncing is just hypnotic that any man could get into trouble just by staring at those lovely twins. I had been into several accidents caused by those hot chicks with massive twins jogging and running around. Fuck! I always hit the post or another person or even stumble on a pile of trash which was really embarrassing. I didn’t know that watching tits bouncing can be dangerous. LOL.

I just decided to control myself outside and enjoy my tit watching with cartoon boobs. Fuck! Now this is more like it. The girls in hentai and xxx cartoons all have massive cartoon boobs. Guys do all sorts of kinky stuff on the girl’s monster boobs. My eyeboobs bouncings feast on different kinds of boobs tossing, turning and bouncing around. Oh yes! This is like paradise for me. I got totally hooked on watching hentai and xxx cartoons.

The girls in hentai are exaggerated meaning bigger boobs and booty, which is very unrealistic. But once I see a chick who has that same hentai body, then I would do everything to get her. I can’t wait to suck boobs as big as those and see them bouncing around. I think women now are closer to getting that hentai body because of the plastic surgery and all sorts of enhancements. I hope I would bump into a girl like that someday and I won’t fucking care if I get in another accident as long as I get to enjoy seeing the sight of her massive boobs.

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A dream about your boobs bouncing

The sexy song filled the air. I can only make out the outline of your cartoon boobs jiggling while you gyrated in the dark. The smell of your body made my head sway, a combination of your sweat and your heavy perfume, the scent made every inch of my body want you. I saw you getting nearer, your hips swayed with the rhythm. You reached out, and teased me with your touch, brushing your smooth, naked skin against mine. My body shivered with delight. You know how I love to suck boobs, but why won’t you let me now? You circled me, still dancing like a tease. I wanted to grab you and make you sit on my lap, make you fuck my now pleading hard cock, but something is stopping me. I can hear your short, unsteady breath now, which only indicated that you’re just controlling yourself, too. Why don’t you come over here and let me suck boobs? I want you to hold me, explore my body with your smooth hands. Please let me pinch the nipples at the middle of your cartoon boobs while you eat my huge, hard dick.  I want to hear your moans…your pleads for harder and deeper thrusts. I want you to tell me to lie down and watch your boobs bouncing while you rode me to ecstasy. I can actually feel your cunt tightening around my thick shaft just by watching you dance for me.

Can’t you see? I’m here, watching you hungrily, waiting for your next move. I found myself massaging my dick, jacking off slowly, my hand movements also in tune with the music. I felt my balls contract, preparing the release of my hot and thick cum. You are still ignoring me, so I guess I have no choice but to let myself off. I rubbed my rod faster and cum shot out of it. You stopped gyrating and I can’t hear any music now.  I opened my eyes and found you lying beside me, sleeping. I felt something sticky on my hand. Oh, shit, I dreamt about you again and masturbated while sleeping.

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